ASIC/FPGA Development


AimValley has years of experience in developing complex functionality in both ASICs and FPGAs. The team has the capabilities to do large ASIC designs of over 40 million gates in the latest technologies.

Through partnership programs with the major FPGA vendors, AimValley can take full advantage of technology and tooling, creating cost-effective designs.

Examples of functions we have built:

• Timing and synchronization functions
• Protection Switching Algorithms
• Ethernet over SDH with Virtual Concatenation and LCAS plus GFP mapping
   and policing function
• High and Low order pointer processing, Framers for SONET/SDH
• Framers for SONET/SDH: Scalable Byte Processors
• OTN and FEC functions
• AAL-5, DSL bonding
• Circuit Emulation Services (CES)
• Timing over Packet

Project References

Engagement Models

Our services can be integrated at various points in your development process, for example:
  • Network consultancy and system definition
  • Design of hardware and software systems
  • System test and certification
  • Manufacturing via a partner EMS
  • AimValley experts can join your architecture team to help define your system
  • Manufacturing can be done at your factory, your EMS partner, or our EMS partner
  • AimValley takes care of the complete development cycle
  • You own the IP
  • You sell the product exclusively

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