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Systems Engineering

When it comes to excellence in product and solution designs, the quality of the end result depends on a combination of the overall concept and each functional block of the design. AimValley has a dedicated Systems Engineering team that is assigned upfront when it comes to end-to-end turn-key designs.

Our systems engineering team is the source for creative and innovative architectures for entire systems design and it is the work they do that vastly increases the overall effectiveness of the design.

"No matter how complex your design requirement is, our team of experts will find the optimal solution!​"

Considerations of Systems Engineering

Overall product design excellence is achieved by conceptualizing the end-product and then parsing the project into a logical design process along with clearly defined timelines, requirements, concepts, and an overall vision. Here are the considerations that are considered and translated into sub-projects, plans and milestones:

Function – ensuring that the end-product will provide the functionality defined by our customers.

Form Factor – on the surface this often seems simple, however a vast amount of elements need to be taken into consideration, such as; the location and orientation of connectors, the ingress/egress of airflow for cooling, ergnomics, considerations for the sake of ruggedness, RF shielding, algignment for installation, usability and modularity, etc.

Time-to-Market – striking a balance between functions that are supported by standard off-the-shelf integrated circuits versus those done in CPU/GPU and those done in an FPGA, requires forethought. Trade-offs between cost, power draw and flexibilty are made.

Cost versus Future Proof – AimValley’s system engineering team designs to minimize both the cost of the design cycle as well as the cost of goods sold, while still taking into account sustainability, supply continuity and future proof flexibility.

Manufacturability – ensuring that the product is efficient and practical to be manufacturered, leveraging reduction in manual labor without sacrificing quality.

Aspects of Systems Engineering

Using your requirements as our key input, we rapidly converge to a high-level proposal, taking standard’s evolution and technology trends into account. Once completed and agreed through interaction with our customers, product proposals are subsequently specified in detail in (testable) requirements.

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