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AimValley primarily serves the world’s Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) by providing Design & Engineering services and network adaptation and circuit emulation products.


Advancements in technology enable healthcare providers to keep up with the increasing demand for safe & healthy living.


The connectivity challenges that the Industry sector is facing are rapidly increasing due to the fast evolving digital transformation of the sector.


As experts in connectivity solutions, AimValley serves clients in the Transportation and Aviation sector that provide cutting-edge digital on-board systems.

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From our staff...

"Network Equipment Manufacturers depend on Design Services and Smart SFP solutions from AimValley to effeciently broaden their product portfolios".
Robert Fitts
Director, North America Business Development
"Re-use of IP and proven development switch experience, improves your development cycle and reduces costs considerably."
Pieter de Boer
CEO AimValley
"Connectivity solutions that make the difference for the Transportation Sector start by thinking about the basics: Performance, Reliability and Maturity!"
Wilco Jongenelis
Business Development Manager