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In today’s digital world, more and more data gets generated and consumed. Companies that provide NextGen Telecom products are looking to significanly reduce the circuit size of their products and lower their power consumption.

Bare Die Technology is a packaging method to place an FPGA Bare Die on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in order to shrink the total solution size much further than what is possible with standard packaged Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs).

AimValley uses this technology to place FPGAs that normally feature 23x23mm in commercial packaged BGAs inside a 10mm with SFP.

Bare Die applications can be found in most industries, for example; Telecoms, Aerospace, Healthcare, Automotive and Industry 4.0.
This technology can be used in any instance where size matters. Other similar space constraint applications could be sensors, camera’s and SFPs.

"Having the solution in bare die about 5 years ahead of a packaged device is a unique way to differentiate your product from the competition".

Bare Die Functionality

AimValley makes use of the Artix and the Kintex series in Bare Die from Xilinx. AimValley is a selected Xilinx partner to process Xilinx Bare Dies, we can therefore, also provide any other Xilinx product of interest to be designed on a small module. The used technology ranges from wirebonding to flipchip.

The modules are robust and tested according to the JESD22 requirements, which are also used for standard IC packaging tests. Being a design centre for high-speed Telecom applications, AimValley supports 10Gb/s links and higher from our modules.

Benefits of Bare Die Use

The benefits of using Bare Die in embedded designs can be substantial:

  • Smaller size and weight
  • Operating temperature size
  • Ruggedness
  • Reliability
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Use of patented power reduction algorithm

These benefits result in optimized integration and improved performance.

Bare Die Example

Below depicted products have the same functionality.
On the left side you see the SFP with the Artix Bare Die integrated in a 622Mb/s SDH to Ethernet converter and on the right side, the same solution in a commercially available package.

AimValley understands the full complexities as well as the subtle nuances of designing great edge solutions. We excel in building complex systems that are part of your product in the fields of Industry 4.0, Big Data, Healthcare and Transportation markets. Our combined skills represent all the important aspects required for the development of end-to-end systems.

AimValleys Bare Die Experience

One of the key aspects of Bare Die technology is the use of a large-sized FPGA, that will only be available in maybe 5 years time from now in the same size but then packaged. The latest FPGA technology is first deployed in high cost, large scale devices, before the smaller devices become available to the market.

Smaller modules usually have stringent requirements in the power consumption.
Our design experts are highly experienced in reducing the power consumption footprint in the FPGA code as well as in the Hardware itself.

Having the solution in bare die about 5 years ahead of a packaged device is a unique way to differentiate your product from the competition. When using Bare Die technology, you can have your product up & running in a short(er) period of time, while your competition is waiting for the right sized FPGA to fit the solution.

Co-development can also be a way to develop applications. AimVally provides the base platform and the customer provides an encrypted FPGA solution. This way the IP of both parties is protected.

AimValley proven track record

Unlike packaged semiconductors, working with Bare Die Technology creates additional complexity across multiple disciplines.
AimValley has the required expertise to work with Bare Die:

AimValley provides the design service and facilitates the production of the Hardware, FPGA code and software needed to operate the devices.

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