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When it comes to Technology, Customers, or Engineers, AimValley is looking towards the future!

Our business is about people and our teams are dynamic, skilled, and passionate about delivering high-quality products and ICT solutions to our customers. Recruiting and training the right talent is an essential part of the AimValley strategy.

An internship or graduation project at AimValley gives you the opportunity to get to know our fields of expertise and get a better understanding of your own skills and ambitions in a professional setting.

You may work on an internal assignment, help out with an actual customer project or develop a new feature set for our existing products. We can tailor our projects to your individual study requirements.

There are always plenty of ideas and projects available!

We have strong ties with the Universities of Applied Science of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Windesheim.
Our CEO is even part of the exam board of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

"If you have a passion for technology, why not join us today!"
Gert-Jan Lahpor
Senior ASIC/FPGA Developer & Students Counselor

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Open Source Softcore

Investigate which open source softcore implementations are available and select the best suitable one. Build a small FPGA example design around this softcore. Develop a small program to be run on the softcore using a suitable SDK. Step through the program using a debugger. Simulate the softcore together with the program. Optionally run a small footprint Linux system on the softcore.
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10G Packet Test Generator

Make a 10G Ethernet data generator/analyzer using the AimValley hardware platform. All 4 10G ports shall be able to generate and analyze Ethernet at wire speed. On the AimValley platform there is an FPGA available for this task. Move the SNT controller from a SoftCore to the local processor. The CPU shall communicate to the FPGA via the PCIe bus. Make/port a web GUI that is based on the SNT GUI that runs on the local processor of the AimValley platform. Linux is running on the local processor.
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