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Our business is about people and our teams are dynamic, skilled, and passionate about delivering high-quality products and ICT solutions to our customers. Recruiting and training the right talent is an essential part of the AimValley strategy.

An internship or graduation project at AimValley gives you the opportunity to get to know our fields of expertise and get a better understanding of your own skills and ambitions in a professional setting.

You may work on an internal assignment, help out with an actual customer project or develop a new feature set for our existing products. We can tailor our projects to your individual study requirements.

We have strong ties with the Universities of Applied Science of Amsterdam, Utrecht and Windesheim. Our CEO is even part of the exam board of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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Gert-Jan Lahpor
Senior ASIC/FPGA Developer & Students Coordinator

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While manufacturing AimValley telecommunication equipment, each product is thoroughly tested & verified. This includes (manual) assembly aspects.

For this assignment, the scope is extended to include checking for mechanical defects, like scratches and the presence of fingerprints in particular related to mechanical assembly.
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Smart Application Monitoring - Part 2

AimValley often uses its AimOS platform to develop new applications. Traditionally tests are written and executed with specific results in mind, and upon failure, asserts are fired and events are raised.

During a previous assignment, we investigated if Machine Learning/AI can be used to monitor the system and detect when it is deteriorating. This time we do not want to look at functionality, but at stability, responsiveness and performance instead.
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10G Packet Test Generator

Make a 10G Ethernet data generator/analyzer using the AimValley hardware platform. All 4 10G ports shall be able to generate and analyze Ethernet at wire speed. On the AimValley platform there is an FPGA available for this task. Move the SNT controller from a SoftCore to the local processor. The CPU shall communicate to the FPGA via the PCIe bus. Make/port a web GUI that is based on the SNT GUI that runs on the local processor of the AimValley platform. Linux is running on the local processor.
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Configuration Validation

Many applications that AimValley builds contain a configuration management component. This allows management agents, such as CLI, WebUI, or REST-API to configure and manage the embedded application.
This assignment is to capture the rules and dependencies in some form of a specification file (YAML, XML, or other) and generate the syntax, static and dynamic cross-checks.
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AimOS built-in Self-Test

AimOS is based on an infrastructure abstraction layer, containing components such as mutexes, semaphore, message queues, threads, timers, etc. This abstraction layer ensures that AimOS can function on various operating systems and hardware. Currently missing is a built-in self-test, that enables a quicker way of testing and verifying if the port to an embedded system works according to specification.
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Wireshark Hardware Packet Capture

For an earlier assignment the capture, filter and report function was developed. This design needs to be migrated and adapted for the use in the SNT. Currently there is little to no room in the SNT and this needs to be resolved first. Additionally the current design of the SNT needs to be extended to make use of  HyperRAM or HyperFLASH ensuring a larger storage area for the trapped packets.
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Volume 2.0

AimValley uses an in-house developed volume system to store documents. This system was designed 15 years ago and is now somewhat dated. For this assignment the primary scope is the storage, version control, accounting, process control and the integration of these elements in the current system. The assignment includes an investigation into an architecture that supports various components:
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CVE Test Automation

AimValley keeps track of the vulnerabilities in the systems it develops, with a tool called BlackDuck. We want to investigate how to automatically reproduce a CVE on an embedded system in order to verify that a CVE is actually present in the system. Part of the investigation is to assess how many CVEs can be automatically reproduced.
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Web & REST Security Analysis

AimValley has developed many Ethernet switching systems and has developed an Ethernet stack, called AimOS to manage those systems. Recently we added a webUI and a REST-API interface to the existing management agents. The assignment consists of a security analysis of the webUI and REST-API implementation, an automated security test and an implementation of the suggested security improvements.
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gRPC for AimOS

AimValley has developed an Ethernet Software Stack, called AimOS to manage/configure Ethernet switching solutions. AimOS systems are managed by a remote server. The architecture of AimOS currently supports various management agents; webUI, REST-API, CLI, etc. This assignment consists of development of a management agent based upon gRPC.
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SNT meta driver

The AimValley AimOS platform is used as the development platform for many products within AimValley. It consists of  host and simulation images, incl. an automated test environment. The automated test environment supports the use of various Ethernet network test equipment by means of a meta Ethernet driver (ETX). This assignment aims to add the Smart Network Tool, developed during previous assignments, to the Ethernet driver.
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Redis for AimOS

The AimValley AimOS network software stack is primarily a configuration management solution for embedded systems with support for Ethernet L2/L3 switching. The system utilizes SQLite as a database to store configuration information. Additionally, we would like to see a port of the system to use a Redis database in order to compare performance and stability. The assignment requires an investigation of the current AimOS management framework.
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