Factory Introduction

Creating the design of a new electronics-based product, board or module is one thing, having it ready for manufacturing is another. AimValley serves various large companies who have delivered multiple new products to the market over many years to the start-ups that have never manufactured a product.

If your company has never brought a product to market or you simply want us to take care of the extra work involved, AimValley is a great design services partner for you.

Our factory introduction team creates the documentation, files, system verification and test automation, software package creation files, configurators, masks, templates, fixtures and everything required for a contract manufacturer to build quantities of your product.

Even mature companies that have never outsourced their manufacturing can leverage the expertise of AimValley to make such a transition, either to a local firm or as a method to save costs or ramp up volumes.

Not all contract manufacturers are the same

Some are geared for highly specialized manufacturing, some are better suited to very large quantity builds such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Tablets. AimValley will help you find a contract manufacturing company that is correct for the complexity and intricacy of your product while at the same time preparing the full package of files in the correct format to satisfy the Contract Manufacturer.

Choosing the wrong manufacturing partner can lead to batch size requirements beyond your needs, require build cycle times that force you to carry bloated inventory, risky quality costing you reputation, high costs associated with product evolution and design changes, unfavorable status regarding political issues, customer embargoes, high importation duties, or tainted business practices such as use of child labor, conflict minerals, reprehensible damage to the environment, theft of your intellectual property, or protracted labor stoppages.



AimValley End-to-End Product Development

When AimValley talks about end-to-end product development, we include the expertise of our Factory Introduction team. After all you do not make money from your new products until you can deliver them to customers. AimValley will make that happen for you.

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