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World-Class Engineering & Innovation Center

AimValley is a world-class engineering and innovation center that designs and builds the best solutions for a connected world.

All over the world, companies that provide network elements to telecommunications service providers, corporate enterprises, and institutions must constantly advance the capabilities and compatibility of their solutions in order to meet the ever-increasing demands of their customers. As technology is advancing rapidly and developments are constantly evolving, it is extremely hard to keep up.

AimValley provides expert-level engineering design services that help companies to get a grip on their networking technologies by state-of-the-art technological solutions. Companies turn to AimValley to augment their own R&D capabilities. Engagements vary from full turn-key product and solutions designs, down to temporary help with a single challenging task.

Our products and services solve any technical challenge in networking!

Since our start in 2003, we have been working to develop a comprehensive array of design and consultancy services, focusing on telecom and data networking technologies.

  • Carrier-Grade Ethernet/High-Speed Ethernet
  • TDM (T1, E1, DS-3) Circuit Emulation
  • Wireless Backhaul, CPRI/Radio over Ethernet
  • Sync, Timing & Clock Recovery
  • Accelerated Edge Computing
  • High-Speed Packet Processing
  • Electronic Packaging including Thermal Management and conformance designs (CE, UL, CSA, NEBs, FCC, and more)
  • Software for network element management.

AimValley’s core team in The Netherlands has worked with companies all over the world. We invite you to reach out to our experts to discuss your next design and to explore the acceleration and quality we provide.

AimValley enjoys a very close partnership with OE Solutions of South Korea. Together the two companies have created the world’s leading suite of Smart SFPs and SFP+ that provide circuit emulation to carry TDM, SDH/SONET over packet-based networks. Click here for full details of the products available.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is an integral part of our overall business management system. We take great pride in retaining our EcoVadis gold status for 2023.

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