About us


World Class Engineering & Innovation Center

AimValley is a world class engineering and innovation center that designs and builds the best solutions for a connected world.
All over the world, networking technology suppliers and users need to keep their communication systems up to date and reliable. As technology is advancing rapidly and developments are constantly evolving, it is extremely hard to keep up.

AimValley helps companies to get a grip on their networking technologies by providing state of the art technological solutions for telecommunications and data communication systems providers. Our products and services solve any technical challenge in networking.

Since our start in 2003, we have been working to develop a comprehensive array of design and consultancy services, focusing on telecom and data networking technologies, like Carrier Ethernet, TDMoP, xDSL, SDH/SONET and OTN. This portfolio is complemented by a full range of system level services, including product definition and architecture, software design, systems testing, hardware design and factory introduction.

We have built a bridge between the SDH/SONET and IP world and are able to fulfill all the needs of today’s manufacturers of networking equipment. Our expertise is built on many years of experience at leading telecom suppliers and technology research labs. AimValley supports its customers in any phase of the development and manufacturing process and offers a full range of design services, from standalone consultancy to comprehensive turnkey solutions.