Time Sensitive Networking

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is an extension to traditional Ethernet networks. Traditional Ethernet applications must be robust in order to withstand corner cases such as packet loss, delay or even reordering.
TSN provides deterministic latency and packet loss under congestion, allowing critical and non-critical traffic to be converged in the same network.
For TSN networks, time awareness (sub micro seconds), is essential for achieving bounded latency.
The recent IEEE 802.1AS-REV standard defines a profile of the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to distribute accurately time across the network.

TSN Main Features

Bounded Latency

Providing bounded latency is one of the main features of a TSN-enabled network. Several IEEE 802.1 standards have been defined to enable queuing management, gating, policing and traffic shaping to ensure time-critical packets receive priority as they are being forwarded through the network.
Frame preemption provides low bounded latency while increasing the efficiency of the network. Very much like a green wave traffic control system in the urban domain restricted to emergency vehicles only.


The bounded latency performance must often be delivered with very high reliability. The TSN-enabled network must ensure that every packet is delivered within a given latency bound with no packet losses and delays due to congestion. In addition, to account for device failure and/or media errors, packet replication and elimination capabilities were also defined to enable redundant links and paths.

Resource Management

Configuring the TSN capabilities and managing the network and device resources is fundamental to assure end-to-end performance for time-critical flow across the network in presence of other traffic flows. By managing resources in each node, the availability of buffers and timing of transmission can be guaranteed.

General TSN Architecture

TSN enables time critical applications in many domains e.g. industrial automation, automotive networks, mobile front-haul networks, power utility, audio video bridging. And recently also in the wireless domains for example 3GPP release 16, enhances 5G networks to satisfy the requirements of industrial applications.
It is quite obvious that not only sophisticated and reliable software and TSN capable hardware is required, but also a good understanding and experience in design and realization of networking solutions.
This is exactly what AimValley offers, given its long history in design and realization of telecommunication solutions.

AimValley TSN Expertise

* Synchronization Interpretation & Standards Knowledge
* Consultancy & Architectural Support
* Customized low & high speed hardware design
* Reliability and resilience
* TSN frame replication and elimination

Proven Track Record

* Network Demarcation Devices
* Custom Railway Switches
* In-flight Entertainment Systems
* Mobile Fronthaul Systems