Custom Ethernet Switches

Network switches are available in a multitude of variants.
Most commonly used in a business environment are managed switches, designed with specific software to monitor and control network traffic, f.i. Quality of Service (QoS) and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP).

Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches are NextGent switches, where both data and power/energy run over the same internet connection.

While standard switches are widely available, in most cases they do not completely suit your business needs or address your (technical) requirements.

AimValley is the Expert in customizing Ethernet switches.
We design our switches to fully integrate your business requirements into an optimized custom-made switch.

AimValley Capabilities
Custom Ethernet Switches

Switch Types

2-port Ethernet Switch with OAM
Railway Ethernet Switch
Carrier Class Ethernet Switch

Software Stacks

AimValley Technology Partner Broadcom
Broadcom FastPath
AimOS Family

Business Benefits

Shorter time-to-market with higher quality for complex systems
First-time-right Ethernet system development