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Wireshark hardware packet capture


AimValley has developed a Smart Networking Tool (SNT) that allows the user to send and receive custom defined packets on an SFP. The SNT comes with a python backend server that maintains the communication with the SFP’s and a graphical user interface. The application can manage more that one device and provides many ways to tested and verify Ethernet based networks.
This student assignment entails an extension of the current features with the possibility to capture packets that match a specific filter.

Project Description

For an earlier assignment the capture, filter and report function was developed. This design needs to be migrated and adapted for the use in the SNT. In addition the current design of the SNT needs to be extended to make use of HyperRAM or HyperFLASH ensuring a larger storage area for the trapped packets.
Instead of developing a propriety file and packet inspection extension to the SNT application. We want to use the filter and the packet inspection capabilities of Wireshark. The assignment requires the student to investigate and come up with an architecture how to integrate Wireshark and the SNT on firmware level (HLS/FPGA), interface and application level.


The complexity of this project lies within the following;
– migrate and adapt the HLS firmware to the SNT platform
– extend the HLS based firmware to use HyperRAM/FLASH as Ethernet packet storage
– device a way to integrate Wireshark into the SNT tool. This requires investigation of the Wireshark filter structure, interface capabilities of Wireshark and SNT and the trapped packet format.

Keywords for this project

FPGA, VHDL, HLS, AMD tool chain, python, visual studio, Wireshark, HyperRAM/FLASH, SNT

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