Open WRT


AimValley has developed many Ethernet switching systems and has always used our own AimOS on those in-house developed systems. AimOS is primarily a configuration management solution for embedded systems with limited support for Ethernet L2/L3 switching.

There are several open-source alternatives to Ethernet switching software available of which OpenWRT is one of them. We want to investigate the OpenWRT project in some detail and determine if it is suitable to be used with the in-house developed switching hardware. As the targeted hardware is not the plain-vanilla-off-the-shelf available type, but more the enterprise and backbone type, it is expected that porting of the OpenWRT sources and all their features, is not that straightforward.

The primary goal of the assignment is to investigate what activities a port entails and build a prototype with a basic feature set. If the primary goal is not feasible then investigate if the configurable OpenWRT modules can be integrated with the AimOS.

Project Description

The assignment is to investigate what a port of OpenWRT to one of our in-house developed systems entails. This includes boot, kernel, file system, services and networking solution, cross compilation, management agents.


– Understanding hardware description and software IO
– Porting of boot, flash, kernel and services
– Porting of the application
– Writing an in-depth report of the investigation

Keywords for this project

Analysis, OpenWRT, flash, boor, kernel, file system.


– Linux, C/C++, Python
– OpenWRT
– Cross compilers


– communicative
– independent
– competent in English

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