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Metadata Collection


In our current society Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important. In the past it would have been sufficient for a company to have a firewall and a virus scanner. Nowadays this is far from sufficient to ensure a safe network. It is pivotal to monitor your internal network and to detect and stop possible intrusions as early as possible to avoid loss or damage.

AimValley’s SmartSFP platform offers the possibility to add functionalities to an SFP via programming the internal FPGA. An SFP is a device that is used to transform electrical signals to optical signals. Therefore, it is mostly used in Network Demarcation Units, routers en switches.

The first step in this development is the design of a SmartDevice that collects metadata according to a template that needs to be configurated. The SmartDevice needs to send the collected data to the server that stores it. Sending data to the server should be done without interruption of customer traffic.

In the second step of the development, an application needs to be designed (possibly via an AI or ML application) that can detect network instrusions and can send notifications to the administrator. It also needs to be able to process firewall adjustement autonomously.

Project Description

This project aims to realize step 1; the development of the SmartDevice that collects metadata. The technical details of the technique as well as, if and how these are applicable within the specific situation of AimValley, need to be examined. Next to this a proof-of-concept is advisable.


The complexity of this project lies within the following;
– understanding and handling of the SmartDevice platform
– handling of FPGAs and related tooling
– understanding template application to determine which meta-data needs to be collected and send to the server
– development of a data format to store and send data to the server

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– HLS/CHDL AMD Vivido tool chain
– Linux, bash
– C/C++
– Python3


– communicative
– independent
– competent in English

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