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Energy Efficiency


In today’s society more a more focus is placed on energy efficiency.
At AimValley approx. 5kWh-10kWh of electrical power dissapates in our various labs in the building.
To avoid that ambient temperatures get too high in the labs, the warm air is discharged through air conditioning systems. Therefore, this energy is lost in the current situation.

Project Description

Goal of this project is to investigate the alternatives to cool the ambient temperatures in the labs.
Following topics need to be addressed during the project;
– what alternatives are available to cool the ambient temperature?
– can we utilize the dissipated energy in a better way and how?
– what is required for the various scenarious and what will be the expected energy reduction?


The complexity of the project will be to identify the various energy flows and investigating alternatives.

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– communicative
– hands-on attitude
– independent
– inquisitive

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