AimOS built in self test


AimOS is based on an infrastructure abstraction layer, containing components such as mutexes, semaphore, message queues, threads, timers, etc.
The abstraction layer ensures that AimOS can function on various operating systems and hardware.

Project Description

Currently missing in the abstraction layer is a built-in self-test, that enables a quicker way of testing and verifying if the port to an embedded system works according to specification. The tests must include performance and performance limitation tests, as the embedded application requires a certain performance level. Next to a self-test it is also required to verify that with code coverage, sufficient code is covered.


The complexity of this project lies within the following;
– understanding the abstraction layer architecture
– devise a test strategy that covers all of the supported features and limitations.

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– Linux
– C/C++
– Python3
– Perl
– GNU compiler chain


– communicative
– independent
– competent in English

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