Machine Vision

Taking Acceleration to the Edge

Performance, accuracy and energy efficiency are critical parameters for machine vision solutions at the edge. Edge computing solutions facilitate data processing near the source of data generation and serve as a decentralized extension of the cloud or data center networks. This eases the integration of machine vision with lower latency and reduces bandwidth by filtering the relevant data at the edge.

Machine Vision surrounds all industrial and non-industrial application in which a combination of hardware and software provides operational guidance to devices in the execution of their functions, based on the capture and processing of images.

Machine Vision systems rely on digital sensors protected inside industrial cameras with specialized optics to acquire images, so that computer hardware and software can process, analyze and measure various characteristics for decision making.

Machine Vision improves quality and productivity, while driving down manufacturing costs!

Jan Venema – CTO AimValley B.V.


Using benchmarking, profiling and tuning tools AimValley’s Accelerated Edge Computing team quickly identifies performance bottlenecks in your existing applications and migrates the key latency or bandwidth critical sections for hardware assisted off-load to an FPGA accelerator card.

Processing and throughput improvements by a factor of 5 or more are possible, depending on the algorithm; latency and power consumption can be reduced significantly when compared with graphic cards.


Automated Optical Inspection
Motion Control Systems
Process Automation
Ultra Low Latency Cameras
Vision Guided Robotics
Quality Control
Product tracing, scanning & identification
Image Stabilization


High Performance per watt
Ultra Low Latency
Parallel Processing
Flexible and future proof technology

Compact FPGA-based controller for Factory 4.0

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