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Single Pair Ethernet – when weight and size matter!
Single Pair Ethernet – when weight and size matter!


Single Pair Ethernet expands the existing and very mature Ethernet technology with a lightweight and cost-effective option. It is ideally positioned for Industrial, Automotive, Home, and Building automation markets.

As the name indicates, Single Pair Ethernet is a version of electrical Ethernet that only uses a single twisted pair 2-wire cable used for data. Also, power can be distributed via the same wires. This reduces costs, weight, and size and facilitates easy installation.

SPE covers a wide speed range of 10Mbps up to 10Gbps and reaches up to 1000m depending on speed. The new interface is gaining rapid acceptance, as it is ideally suited to connect sensors, actuators, and control points requiring low data rates across a factory site. Another application sweet spot is the short-distance connections to high-speed sensors like cameras in environments where weight and size matter such as automotive and robot systems.


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