Software Development


The software team is geared up to engineer software for systems that are extremely reliable, using state-of-the-art development tools. The team's field of expertise includes real-time embedded systems, low-level drivers, operating systems, communication protocols, user applications and networking applications.

Some examples:

  • AimOS Family - collection of reusable software assets
  • Real Time embedded software with Telecom quality
  • NXP Processor families, ARM CPUs, VMs 
  • Linux, OSE, pSOS, Chorus, POSIX threads, VxWorks
  • Security & Vulnerability testing
  • Developed Portable Infrastructure Layer for easy porting to other OS
  • C, C++, Java, assembler, several scripting languages
  • Inter Processor Communication Solutions using Ethernet, USB and several proprietary media
  • TCP/IP and OSI stack experience, for example OSPF, ISIS, partition repair
  • Experience on L2 Ethernet switching SW: GVRP, spanning tree, QoS
  • Hardware drivers for various ASICs and FPGAs
  • Pluggable Management Framework based on embedded SQL database
  • Experience with CMISE, TL1, SNMP, embedded web server using HTML and XML/XSL, SSH and proprietary interfaces

Project References

Engagement Models

Our services can be integrated at various points in your development process, for example:
  • Network consultancy and system definition
  • Design of hardware and software systems
  • System test and certification
  • Manufacturing via a partner EMS
  • AimValley experts can join your architecture team to help define your system
  • Manufacturing can be done at your factory, your EMS partner, or our EMS partner
  • AimValley takes care of the complete development cycle
  • You own the IP
  • You sell the product exclusively

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