AimValley & Transportation Sector

As experts in connectivity solutions, AimValley serves clients in the Transportation and Aviation sector that provide cutting-edge digital onboard systems, such as cabin and inflight entertainment systems or vehicle gateways.

Due to the fast evolving digital transformation, the connectivity challenges that the Transportation & Aviation sector is facing are rapidly increasing. Leveraging our long history of expertise in telecom networking product development, AimValley, as an expert in connectivity solutions, supports its clients with various demanding and customized connectivity solutions.

We specialize in robust solutions, non-standard form factors, long product lifetime, aerospace-grade designs with high reliability and no opportunity for upgrades, and/or fanless designs. All our designs are executed with a short time-to-market in mind.

AimValley understands the full complexities as well as the subtle nuances of designing and building connectivity solutions. Our combined skills and expertise cover all aspects required for the development of a full product or subsystems from idea to production. AimValley designs, builds, and delivers for instance custom Ethernet and communication solutions specifically tailored to the transportation sector.

"Connectivity solutions that make the difference for the Transportation Sector start by thinking about the basics: Performance, Reliability and Maturity!"
Wilco Jongenelis
Director Business Development

Having the right partner makes the difference!

The transportation sector is transforming rapidly due to stricter environmental and safety regulations, high demands of having everything connected, and new players entering the market. This transformation will accelerate even more rapidly as the total number of networked devices grows exponentially. This sector in general, requires more and more dedicated and customized solutions and relies increasingly on innovation and cutting-edge technology – and having the right partner.

Our Design Process

AimValley stands out against other engineering design services providers. We design in sync with your team, delivering value throughout the process.

For over two decades we have been designing connectivity solutions for our clients. Our “edge” is our deep expertise in interfaces, protocols, standards and the accumulated knowledge of our design teams. Combining legacy services and interfaces with cutting-edge high-speed communications technologies is what we do best.

Contact us to share your requirements to see what AimValley can do to help you accelerate your product roadmaps.

More info on our product development process.

Engagement Models

  • Turn-Key
  • ODM
  • Extend Your Team
  • AimValley experts can join your architecture team to help define your system.
  • Our Engineers work on any or all of the hardware, software, FPGA, mechanical and/or power supply design.
  • We create the system verification and testing tools and carry out the full verification.
  • Manufacturing can be done at your factory, your EMS partner, or our EMS partner.
  • AimValley takes care of the end-to-end development cycle.
  • You own the IP.
  • You sell the product exclusively.

Our services can be integrated at various points in your development process, for example:

  • Network consultancy and system definition.
  • Design of hardware and software systems.
  • System test and certification.
  • Manufacturing via a partner EMS.
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