Project Example – REST API


A key player for decades in the aerospace sector that has been providing innovative technical services and is now shaping the future of aviation with cutting-edge digital cabin systems, providing passengers a completely new experience. The Aero Play Server Development is part of new equipment for inflight entertainment systems (NextGen Avionics System).

Customer Objectives

  • Ability to manage the Aero Play Switch product from the outside using a more programmable/formal interface than a CLI.
  • Development of an external REST API (Representational State Transfer – Application Program Interface) to manage the switch. REST API is an additional management interface well suited for programmed interaction with the Aero Play Switch product. 
  • Aerospace-grade solution (Airworthiness Requirements): robust and highly reliable – no opportunity for upgrades or extensions of the feature set. 
  • To be used in the aircraft cabin environment.

One of the key advantages of REST API is, that it provides a great deal of flexibility.

AimValley Solution

Design, development and verification (incl. FOSS and security analysis) of a REST API management interface.

Integration and testing on customer hardware.
Development based on existing re-usable REST API asset.

REST API format is derived from the internal data model (ALI) and is consistent with other interfaces, such as CLI and WebUI.

Creation of a new software release, no hardware impact.

Key Technologies

Results and Added Value


Short development time based on existing re-usable REST API asset and shared data model. Reduced development time and costs.


Successful turn-key delivery of binary images within customer schedule.


Joint Development.


REST offers a modern, easy to use API, which is a serious improvement over custom APIs or SNMP management.

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