Project Example – Optical Link Driver


AimValley helps companies create unique products with differentiating features. Our customer, a leading supplier of medical devices, was looking for optical component expertise in the development of their next-generation product using a high-speed wireless link between the docking station and portable device.

Customer Objectives

The customer wanted to achieve bidirectional data transmission at a gigabit rate over a free space of a few centimeters, a Short-Range Optical Transmission Link, to bridge the distance between a dock and a portable device. Existing solutions based on optocoupler components did not support the high-speed data rates and expert help was requested to develop the next generation product. The key objective was to work with a reliable design partner that has the knowledge and takes ownership of the optical link sub-system development.

Customer Benefits

In close co-operation with the customer, AimValley delivered a turn-key solution for the optical link sub-system and software driver. This allowed the customer to focus on the development of the system applications and medical domain-specific functionalities and fast integration of the optical link software components provided by AimValley. As a result, the customer reduced technical risks and could release their next-generation product in a shorter timeframe.

AimValley Solution

After a detailed analysis of available technologies and selection of suitable components, AimValley did evaluation, characterization, and qualification at the optical component level. An automated test setup was developed to qualify optics.

AimValley worked with the customer on defining a suitable board level architecture, and various communication protocols, such as Ethernet, PCI and USB, were evaluated against customer’s criteria such as supported chipsets, hot-plug capability, and compatibility with other system functionalities. AimValley delivered the protocol and device drivers for the medical-grade embedded operating system, handling the unique characteristics and fault modes of the selected optical link devices.

Key Deliverables & Technologies

  • System architects evaluated available optical link technologies.
  • The hardware and optical expertise team delivered a detailed characterization of the optical devices.
  • Delivery of semi-automated test setup and test scripts for optical device evaluation.
  • Software driver for the optical link on the medical-grade operating system.
  • Integration and support into customer product.
  • Performing Unit Test.
  • Documentation for architecture, design, and test report.

Design Briefs

Results and Added Value


Working with AimValley eliminated risks on the optical link development and enabled a faster time-to-market.


Because AimValley developed a future proof, high-speed optical link, the customer is able to release their next generation product to market, within their project schedule.


The AimValley design team worked closely together with the medical device experts of the customer to define interfaces, characterization, protocols and performance criteria.


Use of high-speed optical link, enabling fast transfer of medical data files to the portable device.

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