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Project Example – Healthcare Robust Software


A developer of innovative technology to observe the human microcirculation using a digital handheld video microscopy camera, together with specialized software to capture and analyze the video images.

Customer Objectives

  • Solving overheating problem of the device.
  • Increasing product quality through Motor & Power consumption improvement.
  • General design optimization and correction of design flaws from previous suppliers.
  • As if often the case with devices with a very long life-time,  multiple suppliers worked on the various designs over the years.

AimValley Solution

As the first project for this customer, AimValley developed a redesign of the current camera board as well as the driver software. Improving the functionality of the camera device.

Healthcare devices need to have a very long lifetime by default. As is often the case, multiple suppliers worked on the various upgrades over the years, resulting in a sub-standard design. AimValley took care of general design optimization and corrected any residual design flaws.

Key Technologies

Results and Added Value


With the right skills, AimValley solved the overheating problem of the product. Trouble shooting in a limited amount of time.


External design improvement of the original camera architect. Significant quality improvement delivered to the customer.


After solving the customer's problem and improving the product quality, AimValley was requested to work on the next challenging project with this client.


AimValley enhanced the camera capabilities, reduced the power consumption and optimized the board design to meet the required lifetime.

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