Project Example – Ethernet Vehicle Gateway Switch


Customer develops innovative software and hardware solutions for local public transport in the European market for over 40 years. Their goal is to increase the efficiency of the public transport service and optimize the convenience of transportation for all passengers.

Customer Objectives

Customer’s new Vehicle Gateway, designed for usage in buses and train vehicles, is equipped with an integrated Ethernet switch device with VLAN functionality.  AimValley was asked to provide a software solution solely responsible for the configuration and managing of the BCM53282 Ethernet switch.

Design Challenges:

  • This gateway needed to be compatible with the existing hardware design and Board Support Packages (BSPs).
  • The software should be capable of managing the switch autonomously, without external input and with the possibility to actively manage the switch. 
  • A cost-efficient solution was another priority, as well as a time-restricted delivery schedule.
  • The software package is specially designed in such a way that it allows subsequent changes/extensions, e.g. security features.

AimValley Solution

The software package consisted of a fully optimized version of AimValley’s AimOS software stack, to support customer’s hardware (BCM53282), delivered as binary code.

The AimOS drivers were ported to existing hardware and Board Support Packages.
A custom driver was designed to create a virtual interface for management and traffic. Management interface performance optimizations executed.

Key Technologies

Results and Added Value


Cost effective solution and short development time:
95% reduced time-to-market and development cost due to re-use of IP (standard version of AimOS - binary delivery).


Successful delivery of solution within very tight schedule: delivery of installable executables and configuration.


Cost effective customization in close collaboration with the customer.


Alternative routing of user traffic through management port.​

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