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Project Example – DWDM 100G Datacenter WAN blade


A Tier 1 manufacturer of switches, routers, packet optical, and wireless solutions engaged AimValley to provide design services for middleware for a DWDM 100G WAN blade as a NextGen datacenter solution. The application included the use of coherent optics combined with DWDM. This product was designed by the Tier 1 NEM with multiple design services companies.

Customer Objectives

To gain efficiency in the design cycle, they required middleware development that would be of a carrier-class quality and high reliability with certainty to meet their intended schedule and level of quality for their complex overall solution being developed.

AimValley Solution

In this case, AimValley was able to pull together several intellectual property (IP) blocks of software that existed in AimValley’s overall hardened switch/router software which is called AimOS. A core team of 3 AimValley engineers assembled and customized AimOS software components to meet the requirements. Reuse of existing IP Blocks shortened the development time and was the foundation for the high reliability required.

Key Technologies

Results and Added Value


Use of proven technology (software IP), resulting in 20% faster time-to-market.


As per project schedule and plan a total of 13 Load Drops were executed. AimValley delivered everything on-time, with the highest quality.


Joint Product Definition and Development with the Tier 1 customer. AimValley executed as a valuable collaborator with 2 customer entities and several 3rd parties.


Flexible system architecture, modular architecture.

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