Project Example – Centralized RAN/CPRI Solution


A global Tier 1 Telecom Network Equipment Manufacturer (NEM) had issued a design contract to a large global design and contract manufacturing house that resulted in a product that was unsatisfactory to the customer. That led the customer to come to AimValley quite late in the product cycle, to recover from the situation.

Customer Objectives

Based on the hardware created by the initial design house, AimValley was contracted to develop the embedded software and device drivers for several hardware equipment types, including chipset configuration and optical layer monitoring of the CPRI links used in the Radio Access Network (RAN).

AimValley was also tasked to add software to control and manage hundreds of network elements via a single central management gateway system.

AimValley Solution

Key Technologies

Results and Added Value


At least 20% faster time-to-market, thanks to AimValley having developed the building blocks of AimOS. 20% Cost reduction based on hours of development saved.


AimValley was able to help the customer to recover from the failed attempt by a previous design house. Solution widely deployed at leading global mobile network operators with high volumes. 7 Major releases -> no issues. 100% on-time delivery.


Development in close collaboration with multiple customer and partner teams worldwide, plus recovery from sub-optimal 3rd party designs.


Database handling/synchronization for multiple management interfaces and a scalable/centrally managed design.

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