Project Example – Bluetooth ASIC


A global, leading provider of standard and custom integrated circuits for Bluetooth, DECT Wireless and VoIP solutions.


Implementation and verification of a digital design as part of the development of a next generation ultra low Bluetooth module.

AimValley Solution

Implement a digital design in RTL based on a MATLAB model provided by the customer. The RTL and the verification environment were made in VHDL. The design was verified by means of simulation. The digital design was also evaluated by developing C-code in a bare-metal environment design, using an FPGA development board. Development of ARP drivers and preparation of automated testing. Lastly, all verification results were documented.

Key Technologies

Results and Added Value


Successful first-time-right approach.


Full project on-time delivery.


Joint development with customer teams in Netherlands, UK and India.


Multi-level verification and validation enabled ASIC first-time-right quality by using simulation in RTL code, C-software code on CPU and test on FPGA board.

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