Project Example – 800G Gearbox Mezzanine Board


This project was performed for a Tier 1 supplier of Packet-Optical platforms and telecom applications, who engaged AimValley to develop a mezzanine card that would slide into their chassis.

Customer Objectives

  • Fast turn-around time on the design of a mezzanine board design.
  • Need for Telecom carrier class reliability, quality and performance. 
  • Compatibility with the platform itself and high-speed signals.
  • Adherence to criteria for clock signals and synchronization.

AimValley Solution

Hardware design of the 800 Gigabit per second mezzanine board.

Results and Added Value


First-Time-Right design on fast turn-around due to AimValley's experienced engineers, coupled with an intelligent leverage of tools such as EM simulation.


Fixed cost project done rapidly within defined timelines that met quality and reliability criteria.


AimValley Engineers worked closely with customer’s team to ensure compatibility with coherent optics, packet switch and overall platform.


Dealing with 800G, 50G PAM4 and 25G data steams.

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