NXP Technology Partner Program

AimValley participates in the NXP technology partner program that is comprised of a global network of independent engineering companies that offer the vital tools, software, technology, engineering services, and training to speed up and ensure efficient designs based on NXP integrated circuits. AimValley is a proud partner of this program.

NXP & AimValley

AimValley provides fully tested and ready-to-use boards systems, in-house design, and manufacturing for designing hardware-based solutions and applications. AimValley has both NXP hardware design expertise and in addition, embedded software solutions for application-specific software.

AimValley Designs with NXP Components

AimValley EX14
AimValley SJA-1105
AimValley SJA-1105

NXP Components incorporated

AimValley has experience with the following NXP Integrated Circuit Lines of Products:

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