Why AimValley!

Hilversum, The Netherlands

The AimValley headquarters are located in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Established in 2003, we have 85+ Engineering Experts ready to deliver excellence to our customers.

Kanata, Canada

The Kanata office opened its doors in 2020. From this location we are able to address the needs of our customers in the America & Canada regions.

Chennai, India

The Software Support Center was established in 2019. It provides local customer support in India and supports our customers during all phases of datacom and telecom product development. Experts in complex real-time embedded projects, performing tasks ranging from driver and protocol development, to system integration.

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At AimValley we pursue quality on a daily basis. If it is not according to the highest standards, it will not leave our premise! Whether it is an electronic schematic, PCB layout, or an FPGA design, we strive for excellence. Our Systems Verification Team tests products as seen from an end-user’s perspective.

To ensure that we deliver our quality promise, we have implemented a quality & environmental management system that is compliant to international standards and has earned the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.

Next to ISO we are Ecovadis Platinum partner.

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AimValley develops high-tech innovative designs for 3 main sectors; telecoms, industry and transport. These sectors however are fully interwoven, since for instance telecom applications are widely used in other sectors.

Our design experts work in integral customer teams, ensuring that all disciplines work toward to the same goal; delivering a high quality product, specifically designed with the end customer in mind!

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Trust & Quality are essential components in any partnership that AimValley enters into.
Through joint business planning we work together to strengthen our unique businesses.
From turnkey solutions to building blocks with flexible entry points, we are building the best partnerships to make you successful, based on longevity and collaboration.

Worldwide Partner Network

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Product development is a complex and time consuming process, requiring specific types of expertise and experience. At AimValley we understand the full complexities as well as the subtle nuances of designing and building great connectivity solutions.

Our design experts speak your language. We have the expertise to assess possibly long running obstacles and complications within your development cycle and create innovative solutions. From start to finish our engineers develop products according to your specifications and requirements.

Where so required, our teams can be stationed at your location, to be fully integrated into your design team.

You can trust AimValley with your core business.

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17 Years of Experience

Since our start in 2003, we have been working to develop a comprehensive array of design and consultancy services, focusing on the telecoms, industry and transport sectors.

Product launches, evolutions and redesigns are critical to the succes of any organization.
Product development is a complex and time consuming process, requiring specific types of expertise and experience. Any failure or delay in any step of the development process will result in costly product redesigns and missed revenue opportunities.

We understand the full complexities as well as the subtle nuances of designing and building great telecommunication and data solutions. Our combined skills represent all the important aspects required for the development of end-to-end systems.

AimValley supports a full range of system level services;
– product definition and architecture,
– software design,
– systems testing,
– electronic design
– factory introduction.

From concept to end product, our expertise is built on years of experience at worldwide telecom suppliers, technology research labs and leading multinationals in various industries.

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AimValley Customer Portal

The AimValley Customer Portal is the gateway to our document library. It hosts a vast amount of documents, such as product briefs, getting started guides, data sheets, application nodes, etc.

To consult this library you need to apply for access from our Maintenance & Support team.

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AimValley Customer Portal

The AimValley Customer Portal is hosted on a secure website that setps up an encrypted connection to your browser for information exchange.

To enable this secure connection, you will need to install the AimValley Root Certificate.

You can download this certificate here.

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You can apply for access to the AimValley Customer Portal by sending an email to our Maintenance & Support team or your sales contact person.

Mail to: support@aimvalley.com

Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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What is…..?

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) has become critical for almost every organization. Its growth in the past decades has been exponential. Today it is used by almost 75% of all organizations using software code. The process of mass collaboration and peer production sustains innovations in mature software markets. The application of FOSS extends the useful life of any software asset.

At AimValley we have developed our own Quality Assurance Process for developing any product with or without Open Source Software, while addressing any possible risks.

Full White Paper on FOSS.

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Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a set of substandards  of the IEEE 802.1 standard. The standards define mechanisms for the time-sensitive transmission of data over deterministic Ethernet networks.

It is an essential prerequisite that all network equipment has the same understanding of time. All switches and terminals on the network must be time synchronized. There are two different approaches to facilitate these functionalities;
– IEEE 1588-2008 – Precision Time Protocol
– IEEE 802.1AS-2011 – Time

Today’s industry applications require increasingly more consistent Ethernet networks. Time Sensitive networking (TSN) provides a solution aiming to guarantee latency times of real-time criticial data throughout the network.

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Synchronization is a fundamental technology building block with AimValley for many years already. Practically every service provider network requires it, not because networks require the synchronization but mainly to provide, at the edge of the network, a frequency or phase/Time of Day synchronization singal to end-customers.

AimValley provides a wide range of expertise regarding synchronization. From helping you to interpret and understand the various Standards to architectural support.

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