Service Assurance Endpoint

Smart Service Assurance: proof that your network is good - Save Money!

Service Assurance is making sure that the service provided meets a defined quality level. It identifies and resolves faults in your network and minimizes downtime for your end-customer.

Why Service Assurance?

Business Impact

Competitive Advantage

  • Differentiate your service offerings with SLAs.
  • Enable you to win enterprise customer from a competitor.

Capacity Monitoring

  • Ensure that existing and new customers get sufficient bandwidth & Quality of Service.
  • Monitor capacity as the network load increases year-over-year.


  • SDN provders can add delay and loss measurements to re-route decision.
  • Ensure your high value customers get the best network links between Virtual Machines.

Device types

Ethernet OAM

  • CFM based monitoring
  • L2 Loss and Delay Measurements
  • VLAN based loopback
  • End-to-end service assurance


  • TWAMP light responder
  • Y.1564 4 UDP loopback
  • IP/MPLS & Ethernet networks
  • Multiple Services

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