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Channelized Network Migration

Network Migration using Channelized Smart SFPs to transport a channelized PDH or SONET/SDH signal over an Ethernet network.

Channelized Applications

Device types


  • Optical LC connector
  • 1x VC4 in STM-1/4, VC4 in STM-4
  • 4 x STS1 in OC-3, 12x STS1 in OC-12
  • CEP pseudowire
  • Explicit Pointer Adjustment Relay (EPAR)


  • Optical LC connector
  • 63x E1 in STM-1
  • 84x T1 in OC-3
  • SAToP pseudowire
  • Adaptive/Differential Clock Recovery


  • Electrical mini coax
  • 28x T1 in T3
  • SAToP pseudowire
  • Differential Clock Recovery

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