Vizor IP – Video streaming over Ethernet


● Video streaming using Gigabit Ethernet
● 1Gb/s Ethernet interface
● Less then one line latency
● Plug and play
● Optimized for small footprint
● Applications: Machine Vision, Automotive


The AimValley Vizor IP implements a Gigabit Ethernet video streaming function. The Vizor interfaces with the Helion IONOS Imaging Pipeline to support a wide range of image sensors and a large set of image processing IP.

The GigE Video IP core is optimized for small footprint and minimal latency.

Helion is providing a comprehensive intellectual property (IP) library. Containing more than 130 individual pieces of IP, the library is available for licensing either entirely or in parts.

The integrated ‘IONOS’ Image Signal Processing (ISP) IP pipeline from Helion, provides end-to-end ISP support from sensor to displayable image, and incorporates sensor interfacing and pre-processing IP-Cores. Also, Helion is providing comprehensive test-projects to enable customers a fast-time-to-market access.

The AimValley Vizor IP is part of the Helion IONOS IP suite. Ready to use example applications based on the LATTICE HDR-60 Camera Development Kit are available. Please contact Helion for further information and support.

Vizor IP has the following key features:

  • Support for all sizes of sensors, frame rates and pixel formats (up to full Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth)
  • Flexible Ethernet Packet size up to Jumbo frames (9000 bytes)
  • Optimized for minimal latency (less than 1 us can be achieved, depending on sensor and settings)
  • Embedded processor for flexible IP protocols and GVCP processing, customer customizable
  • Internal FIFO
  • Flexible architecture to allow for customization
  • Flexible MAC address
  • GMII for interfacing to external PHY
  • Wishbone for interfacing with Embedded Processor
  • Delivered as Mico32 Custom Component for easy integration


  • Video interface with sensor logic up to 148.50MHz E.g. supporting uncompressed 720p60 and 1080p25
  • Ethernet PHY interface GMII at 125MHz
  • Wishbone control interface up to 125 MHz
  • All interface are either open interfaces or well documented interfaces

For more information about the specifications, please contact us.