Rosa – Carrier-class Ethernet Switch


Rosa provides MEF compliant packet switching and aggregation for Carrier Class Metro Ethernet applications. VLAN aware Ethernet switching compliant with IEEE 802.1D/.1Q/.1ad

Typical applications include:

  • MEF compliant E-LINE and E-LAN over SONET/SDH and WDM
  • Ethernet aggregation in metro access networks
  • Interface cards in Telecom or Datacom equipment


  • Carrier-class switching for MEF-9 and MEF-14 compliant applications
  • VLAN aware Ethernet switching compliant with IEEE 802.1D/.1Q/.1ad
  • Packet switching:
    • 7 Mpps full rate, all functions enabled
    • 4.8 Gb/s data bandwidth
  • Jumbo frames of 16 kbyte
  • Automatic address learning and aging
  • 32k MAC addresses
  • Rapid spanning tree (802.1w) and GVRP
  • Flexible classification, queuing and scheduling engine
  • L3 aware classifier for 16k QoS flows
  • Flow select on VLAN, UPT, IP-TOS or MAC address
  • Dual leaky-bucket rate control, per flow  (RFC 2697, RFC2698 and MEF-10)
  • Flexible Traffic Class assignment per flow
  • Performance monitoring per port, per flow and per color with 32 bit counters
  • 4 priority queues per port
  • Ingress and Egress shaper per port, rate programmable in steps of 100 kb/s
  • Strict priority or DWRR scheduling
  • Link Aggregation Groups
  • Port Mirroring
  • Port locking per SA address
  • Round trip delay measurement, end-to-end
  • OAM packet processing


  • 13 Ethernet ports:
  • 4 RGMII ports with full MAC supporting triple rate PHYs
  • 8 RGMII ports with reduced MAC, optimized for connection to 2 ETHOS Ethernet over SONET/SDH mappers
  • 1 RMII port for data transport to the  management CPU
  • DDR2 SDRAM for packet buffer (64 MB)
  • SRAMs for MAC address table, Flow tables and Performance counters
  • Parity and CRC check on all interfaces
  • 32-bit interface to external CPU


  • Metro Ethernet Forum compliant E-Line and E-LAN applications
  • Ethernet Aggregation and distribution in the First Mile (IP-TV, optical FE, VDSL, PON)
  • Flexible packet transport over SONET/SDH and WDM systems
  • MSPP, CPE, OED, router or switch blades
SONET/SDH MSPP system with triple rate 10/100/1000BASE-T interfaces

MEF compliant packet processing card