AimOS Robo Introduction

AimOS is a collection of software assets and tools to develop carrier grade telecom and datacom systems. It is a field proven solution with a first deployment in 2003 and has been used in more than 100 000 shipped systems. Several versions of AimOS exist (AimOS Family).

AimOS Robo is a hardened version based on Broadcom’s® RoboOS and it supports the Robo2 Ethernet switch family. The AimOS Robo is targeted for the embedded CPU in the Robo2 switch family.


AimValley hardening enhancements

AimValley has hardened and integrated RoboOS into AimOS resulting in a new version called AimOS Robo. Hardening was done by adding features like file system robustness and persistent logging. As a result AimOS Robo can now be used as a field grade switch management application for the Broadcom® Robo series switches without the need for an external CPU.

The AimOS Robo includes the following hardening enhancements:

  • File System Robustness
    Makes the system fully resilient against power failures with very little run-time overhead.

  • Persistent logging

    Adds functionality that stores all debug information of the system to a circular log on the system's flash chip as well, and for retrieving the contents of the log through the systems web interface.

The file system robustness has been rigorously tested and proven to work: more than 20 000 cycles of power loss during file system writes were tested. In 12% of the recoveries the additional hardening feature of AimValley prevented file system corruption resulting in 100% error free recoveries. Without the hardening feature the system would not have recovered in more than 1 200 power losses.

A technical specification document can be obtained from


AimValley other improvements

Compared to the standard RoboOS several other improvements have been added to AimOS Robo. For example;

  • inconsistent system states causing a continuous recovery are automatically detected and solved,

  • web GUI performance has been improved and is now up to 3 times faster,

  • the auto-negotiation status of each port is now visible in the GUI,

  • auto-negotiation can be configured for ports that allow this,

  • configuration parameters are added to the LED behavior.


For binary distribution of the AimOS Robo, including the Broadcom® driver, the Mongoose web server and the FreeRTOS, it is sufficient to sign a license agreement with AimValley. Contact AimValley sales ( for details about source distributions. For every distribution AimValley can provide a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) report of R2.0.


Hardware requirements

The AimOS Robo runs from the internal Robo2 CPU and memory. The only external resource it depends on is the flash memory. RoboOS software supports only SPI flashe devices and not QSPI. Most QSPI devices are backwards compatible with SPI. The RoboOS flash driver can use flash devices from Cypress/Spansion, ST, Micron, Macronix and Winbond. The flash must support sub-sector erases for 4 KB on all areas of the flash. The software driver currently only supports 3 byte addressing (up to 16MB Flash).


Further information

Based on years of experience in developing telecom and datacom systems AimValley can help you with development based on the AimOS. Services range from consultancy during your architecture phase, porting the AimOS to your own hardware, designing your hardware up to full system development including production, up until maintenance & support.

AimValley is a reliable partner with a strong track record in delivering as planned and within budget.

AimValley helps with evaluation jump-start product development using various hardware platforms that are supported by the AimOS. As an example some of the Broadcom® Ethernet switch evaluation boards can be used with a license free binary evaluation version of the AimOS, to quickly evaluate the AimOS and Broadcom® devices.

Our experienced engineering team with expertise in systems engineering, software, hardware and FPGA design can support you with all steps in your product development. The Broadcom® experience of our teams is well known in the industry.

For further information contact

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