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Graduation Projects & Internships


An internship experience at AimValley is a first step to help you grow your career path!
Each year, we offer several internships & graduation projects in our teams of Hardware, Software and ASIC/FPGA Design.

If you join one of our internships and/or graduation projects, you will have the opportunity to work with and learn from over 80 experts with core competences in TDM, Packet, TDM over Packet, 400G, ASIC/FPGA embedded systems development, Software and Hardware design.

Our engineers are experts in a wide range of tools (Mentor Graphics, Altium, Blackduck, Coverity, Valgrind, etc.) and languages (C/C++, Linux, U-Boot, VxWorks, VHDL, Python, Perl, etc.).

As a result of the way we work and the adaptive technologies we use, we are able to produce cost-optimal and energy efficient products with a very high availability, long lifetime and the ability to perform in harsh environments.

We are looking for students in The Netherlands with specific interests in:
Schematic/circuit design and PCB layout
- Black Box requirement testing
- Mechanical Design
- ASIC/FPGA Design

At AimValley, we are always looking for people that want to make a difference.

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