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Technology that Fits; finding the right solution for your problem is part of our DNA at AimValley.

For one of our leading telecom customers we recently built a programmable SFP (size of a USB stick), while integrating a large FPGA for up to 10Gb/s. This SFP is capable of enduring harsh conditions (-40°C to +85°C) and has a limited power consumption.

To develop this device, Bare Die was the only solution to house all the functionalities into a small form-factor pluggable. A specific algorithm was developed and patented to safeguard the required power limitations. During this project we were able to demonstrate our critical power management and manufacturing expertise.

For a more In-depth Project Reference:

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At XDF EMEA our experts and will demonstrate our Innovation. Please visit AimValley at XDF EMEA, booth 41, on November 12/13, 2019.

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