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AimValley in the HealthTech Sector

Our 20-year telecoms experience creates a perfect crossover to the HealthTech sector, where we have been establishing our footprint since 2017.

From our very first customer project, a short range optical transmission link, to our current turnkey medical device development and focus on Service-oriented Device Connectivity, here is an overview of our milestones since 2017.


Medical Quality Management System

Based on ISO 13485, full implementation of MQMS.
Planned completion date December 2023.


Endoscope Camera

Various software enhancements to GUI, imaging, video capturing, firmware update, and encryption.
Follow-up project from 2021.

Cardiac Device

Intelligent Patient Front-End

Software Interface & FPGA programming.


  • Stack Evaluation
  • Membership of OR.Net e.v
  • SDC Demo development


Turnkey Medical Device Development

Definition, Design & Realization of a medical-grade replacement of a network recorder. Covering the system, the subsystem development as well as the system verification phase.

The entire development was executed in our customer’s
Quality Management System and process.



Software Design & Development. Driver updates and implementation of black screen fixes. Image tearing and image signal processing optimizations.


Software optimization & redesign of the camera board of the existing video microscopy camera, as well as the driver software. Improving the functionality of the camera.



Hardware development for a Bi-directional data transmission at a gigabit rate over a free space of a few centimeters, a short-range optical transmission link, to bridge the distance between a docking station and a portable device.

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