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Boost your career – Join AimValley at the HBO-ICT Stagemarkt!

Our business is about people and our teams are dynamic, skilled and passionate about delivering high quality products and ICT-solutions to our customers.

Recruiting the right talent is an essential part of the AimValley strategy.
If you have a passion for technique and are driven to innovate the connectivity world, why not join us!

As always AimValley will take part in the twice yearly HBO-ICT Stagemarkt organized by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Because of all Covid-19 measures in place, this time around on April 24th, the Stagemarkt will be organized in a different way. More information will follow shortly.

In the meantime check out the Stagebank: where our current projects are listed.
On average AimValley has 5 projects available each semester for an intern or a graduate.

Boost your career!
Contact our student counselor, Gert-Jan Lahpor for more information.

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