Another good Electronics Day at AimValley!


Today we received our latest board from the factory, all set to hit the
> ground running.
> This board started off as a cost optimized PCI-Express card packed with
> six 10G capable copper links.
> Our electronics design experts redesigned this board to also support TSN
> (Time Sensitive Networking) and IEEE1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol).
> Both features developed to guarantee latency times of real-time critical
> data througout the network.
> On top of these features, the design utilizes a highly scalable
> architecture allowing for an increased port count at implementation
> phase or as expansion possibility at a later stage.
> Depending on your need, timing distribution can be arranged from Simple
> & Low-Cost right up to Sophisticated Precision required to fully utilize
> 1588 PTP.
> Combined with transmission quality interfaces and a fully featured
> Ethernet analyzer building block, this board provides you with a cost
> effective solution for your XXX problem?
> Contact our Electronics Team for more information: Electronics
> Development Team


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