Another good Electronics Day at AimValley!

Today we received our latest board from the factory, all set to hit the ground running.

This board started off as a cost optimized PCI-Express card packed with six 10G capable copper links.
Our electronics design experts designed this board to support TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) and IEEE1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol). Both features are developed to guarantee latency times of real-time critical data throughout the network.

On top of these features, the design utilizes a highly scalable architecture, based on a Xilinx Kintex ultrascale XCKU9P, allowing for an increased port count at implementation phase or as expansion possibility at a later stage.

Depending on your need, timing distribution can be arranged from Simple & Low-Cost, right up to the Sophisticated Precision required to fully utilize 1588 PTP.
Combined with transmission quality interfaces and the fully featured Ethernet analyzer building block, this board provides you with the cost effective solution to gain insight in your network challenges.

Find out how our Electronics Development Team can help you overcome your network challenges.

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