AimValley’s commitment to reducing Climate Change

Helping to change the climate is an integral part of AimValley's corporate social responsibility.
We agree with the scientific community’s opinion that human activity contributes to climate change and we therefore, support the global intention to limit climate change to max. 2°C.

AimValley Climate Charter:

  1. We support mitigation activities to reduce climate change.

  2. We believe adaptation to cope with changes in climate is necessary.

  3. We are committed to reducing the impact our activities have on climate through proactive measures including:

    - Understanding our environmental footprint

    - Setting environmental impact reduction targets and striving to meet these!

All our recent efforts have contributed to the improved CDP level from D to level C.

With this improvement, AimValley was mentioned in today's webinar from Nokia Networks as 1 of the 4 best performing small to medium-sized enterprises who improved most from 2018 - 2020.

We congratulate our colleagues at MTI Microelectronics, Protopaja and Leading Engineering with their improvements.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts.

More information on CDP score levels:

Leadership (A/A-): Implementing current best practices
Management (B/B-: Taking coordinated action on climate issues
Awareness (C/C-): Knowledge of impacts on, and of, climate issues
Disclosure (D/D-): Transparent about climate issues