AimValley renews EcoVadis Gold Status 2019



AimValley successfully renews EcoVadis Gold Status for 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all about business ethics and being responsible for each other, the society and the environment. AimValley is well aware of the potential impact its decisions and activities may have in these areas. Our CSR policy is focused on those areas where our influence is noticeably the highest. Our CSR policy is an integral part of our overall business management system. We are using EcoVadis services to evaluate an improve our CSR performance. AimValley is extremely proud to announce a renewal of our EcoVadis Gold Status in 2019.

For more details of our scorecard, please view: AIMVALLEY_BV_CSR_Performance_Overview_2019_07_08

Check out the certificate: AIMVALLEY_BV_EcoVadis_Rating_Certificate_2019_07_08