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AimValley Employees ESD-Certified

Hilversum, June 6, 2018. ESD (electrostatic discharge) and its effects on electronic and electrical components is becoming more important as the industry adopts new devices that are extremely sensitive to very low voltage static discharge and electrical fields. Having a successful ESD-prevention process in place, is one of AimValley’s focus areas for continuous improvement of […]

OE Solutions has shipped Smart SFPs supporting half a million pseudowires

Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, March 9, 2018. Many operators now prefer the Smart SFP solution as it allows them to quickly enable legacy services on their packet platforms. In the future, when the legacy services are no longer required, the switch port can simply be turned into a regular Ethernet port by exchanging the Smart SFP by a regular transceiver, without the need to replace slide-in cards or perform complex configuration. Smart SFPs supporting more than half a million pseudowires have already been shipped and demand continues to grow.

OE Solutions Announces 10G Smart SFP™ for TDM to Packet Network Migration

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, March 15, 2016 — OE Solutions announces the OC-48/STM-16 TSoP (Transparent SONET/SDH over Packet) Smart SFP™. This new TSoP SFP+ transceiver extends the Smart SFP™ Network Migration portfolio to include transport of 2.5G TDM signals, specifically OC-48 and STM-16, over 10G packet networks. The Smart SFP™ Network Migration portfolio is a leading solution for cost-effective plug-and-play TDM to Packet migration.

OE Solutions and AimValley to Introduce IP OAM Smart SFP™

HILVERSUM – March 18, 2015 — OE Solutions and AimValley today introduced a new product called IP OAM Smart SFP™ in their service assurance Smart SFP portfolio. This device offers IP layer service monitoring, L2/L3/L4 service activation testing as well as physical layer monitoring via remote DDMI retrieval. It is available in duplex and bi-directional SFP form factors at various reaches.

New Smart SFP™ Solutions for Network Migration

AMSTERDAM, October 21, 2014 — OE Solutions and AimValley announce two new Smart SFPs, TPoP (Transparent PDH over Packet) and CSoP (Channelized SONET/SDH over Packet). TPoP and CSoP extend the Smart SFP™ Network Migration portfolio, which is a leading solution for plug-and-play TDM to Packet migration.