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Adaptivity – AimValley is your Partner!
Adaptivity – AimValley is your Partner!


Re-usability is a key feature of AimValley product development. Over the past 15 years, we have build-up extensive knowledge and experience of converting End of Life (EOL) ASICs to cutting edge FPGAs. Our past conversions have resulted in a vast set of sub-modules, while maintaining and improving feature parity. These reusable assets are now deployed for new customers instantaneously, creating efficiency, ease-of-use and adaptivity.

During our conversions we have encountered specific challenges. Visit our customer reference pages to see how AimValley solves the EOL ASIC to FPGA conversion for our customers.

At #XDF2019 EMEA, booth 41, our FPGA experts and will demonstrate our adaptivity.




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