Acceleration – AimValley is your partner!


Acceleration, an exciting new technology to give your solution a performance boost.

To get the best performance out of your acceleration, in-depth knowledge of software, FPGAs and tooling is required. AimValley has gained extensive experience in all these areas during our longstanding product development. When FPGA acceleration was introduced we immediately recognized it’s potential and embraced it.

Does your application need a boost, but do FPGAs and their tooling still feel a bridge too far, or does your application need the last percentage in performance, Aimvalley is your partner!

At XDF EMEA our experts Sander van de Haar and Guus van Rijt will demonstrate how AimValley accelerates complex calculations using Vitis HLS kernel and Vitis RTL kernel.

Please visit AimValley at XDF EMEA, booth 41, on November 12/13 and contact us for more information: or visit our website for our extensive FPGA capabilities.



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