Board of Directors

Hwan Park

Non-Executive Director - Chairman of the Board

Mr. Hwan Park is Chief Operating Officer of OE Solutions and Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of AimValley. He joined OE Solutions in 2003 as Executive Managing Director. Prior to joining OE Solutions, Mr. Park was Director of Logistics and Production Planning, R&D Planning at Hankook Tire Mfg. Co. where he started his career in 1975 and expanded his leadership experience. Mr. Park holds a BS in Chemistry from Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea.

Pieter de Boer


Pieter has extensive experience in embedded software development. After getting a degree in electrical engineering at Delft University of Technology in 1992 he worked for Lucent Technologies, where he held management positions in software development for next generation optical networking multiplexers. At Lucent he led several architecture activities to define and develop complex embedded software. He was also responsible for world wide re-use of software assets. Pieter was a co-founder of AimValley in 2003.

Theo Muijs


Theo has extensive experience in the networking industry. After getting his degree in electrical engineering at Delft University of Technology in 1990, he worked for Lucent Technologies. At this company he held senior management positions in hardware development for access systems and next generation optical networking systems. At Lucent he was responsible for the development of high speed optical interfaces, ASICs and circuit packs. In 2003, he co-founded AimValley.