Development Services

AimValley, your product innovation partner

We provide design services dedicated to the development of complex embedded systems according to customer specification.

As a result of the way we work and the technology we use, we are able to make cost-optimal and energy- efficient products with a very high availability, a long lifetime and the ability to perform in harsh environments. AimValley has a strong track record in development of such products.

We implement system level services such as product definition and architecture, software design, ASIC and FPGA design, system test, hardware design, mechanical design and factory introduction.

Our combined skills represent all the important aspects required for the development of complete systems that meet the demanding requirements of the high-tech market. AimValley’s involvement in your project usually results in a long lasting design partnership.

Development options

Our strength is listening to you, our customer, and determining your exact needs. Thereafter we propose solutions and ways to implement them. Either as part of your team and development process or according to the AimValley process.

Re-use of AimValley IP can help you to shorten your time to market.

AimValley can take various approaches to help you with your development needs:

– Development of (sub)systems, based on your specification
   Our services can be integrated at various points in your development process, for example:

  • Systems Engineering/Architecture
  • Software Design
  • Hardware Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • ASIC/FPGA Design
  • System Verification Test
  • Certification
  • New Product Introduction

 – Original Design Manufacturer
   AimValley takes care of the complete development cycle. You own the product and the IP.


We help you to innovate your product


Areas of Expertise

Systems Engineering/Architecture

Our systems engineering team is the source for creative and innovative architectures for entire systems or for specific system components.

Using your requirements as our key input, we quickly converge to a high-level proposal, taking standards evolution and technology trends into account. The agreed product proposal can subsequently be specified in detail in (testable) requirements.

Project Management

Our experienced project managers monitor the risk and progress during the development.
Using regular progress reports, agile methods and common sense we make sure we meet your deadline and budget.

Software Design

The software team is geared up to engineer software for systems that are extremely reliable, using state-of-the-art development tools. The team’s field of expertise includes real-time embedded systems, low-level drivers, operating systems, communication protocols, user applications and networking applications.

Hardware Design

The hardware team covers the whole range of skills and expertise to realize electronic products. The team is specialized in high-speed analog and digital circuits and backplane design.

The track record of the team includes development of complex embedded controllers with high availability, highly integrated modules and designs for a wide range of industrial applications. All designs have a proven, very low field return rate.

Mechanical Design

The mechanical team designs enclosures for electronic systems. We translate functional system requirements into manufacturable and cost-effective solutions that include demands for ergonomics, safety, EMI, regulatory requirements and robustness.


AimValley has years of experience in developing complex functionality in both ASICs and FPGAs. The team has the capabilities to do large ASIC designs of over 40 million gates in the latest technologies.

Through partnership programs with the major FPGA vendors, AimValley can take full advantage of technology and tooling, creating cost-effective designs.

System Verification Test

Our system verification team tests products as seen from an end-user’s perspective. The team members are experienced in developing innovative test methods for new functionality. Automation is applied to enhance coverage and quality. Serious attention is given to quality indicators like performance, reliability and stability.


System Test & Certification carries out in-house environmental testing including thermal investigation and climatic testing, or contracts external test partners for vibration, earthquake, solar radiation and EMC testing.

Certification includes all aspects from writing test plans to creating test reports. All documentation is reviewed with the customer.

New Product Introduction

Our NPI team specializes in the introduction of your product either to one of our Contract Manufacturing partners or to a factory of your choice.

Life Cycle Management

We offer life cycle management for the design or product. This includes maintenance and component obsolescence management.


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