Business models

AimValley can take various approaches to help you with your development needs:

  • Development of (sub)systems, based on your specification
  • Our services can be integrated at various points in your development process, for example:
  • Network consultancy and system definition
  • Design of hardware and software systems
  • System test and certification
  • Manufacturing via a partner EMS
  • Turn-key development project: from architecture to manufacturing
    • AimValley experts can join your architecture team to help define your system
    • Manufacturing can done at your factory, your EMS partner, or our EMS partner
  • ODM
    • AimValley takes care of the complete development cycle
    • You own the IP
    • You sell the product exclusively
  • OEM
  • Co-development: you develop a product, together with AimValley
  • Feel free to contact us for a tailored solution.