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For more information about our Development Services please contact Henk Steenbeek at +31 35 689 1911 or by email

Development Services

We provide design services dedicated to the development of complex embedded systems according to customer specification.

As a result of the way we work and the technology we use, we are able to make cost-optimal and energy- efficient products with a very high availability, a long lifetime and the ability to perform in harsh environments. AimValley has a strong track record in development of such products.

We implement system level services such as product definition and architecture, software design, ASIC and FPGA design, system test, hardware design, mechanical design and factory introduction.

Our combined skills represent all the important aspects required for the development of complete systems that meet the demanding requirements of the high-tech market. AimValley’s involvement in your project usually results in a long lasting design partnership.

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Business models

AimValley can take various approaches to help you with your development needs: Development of (sub)systems, based on your specification Our services can be integrated at various points in your development process, for example: Turn-key development project: from architecture to manufacturing ODM OEM Co-development: you develop a product, together with AimValley

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