Open Source

AimValley makes use of Open Source Software, both in our development environment and our products. We use open source because it is innovative and of high quality. We also see the benefits of participating in a large development community and the added value of avoiding vendor lock-in.

We actively participate in open source communities in many ways. Besides the regular questions and answers we can get to the bottom of things and contribute features and bug-fixes as well. Below are links to some examples:

u-boot: VLAN/DHCP patch

linux kernel: NOR-flash (CFI cmdset 0002) enable erase-suspend-program

glibc: fork/(v)dprintf re-entrancy problem

gdb: show thread problem and solution

[quagga-dev 4337] Re: problem with ospf default-information originate

Below are links to entire open source packages which we have changed to suit our needs.