Advantage by knowledge

System Design: Consultancy and Systems Engineering

  • Complete System Architecture, including all aspects of:

    • Transmission, protection, cross-connect, synchronization and OAM&P
    • ASICs and Circuit Pack design
    • Backplanes, Mechanical design, Power and Environmental
    • Controllers and Software architecture
  • Telecommunications expertise: SDH and SONET
    • Specialists in the fields of synchronization, protection and DCN network design
  • Data expertise: Ethernet, VLAN, IP/MPLS
    • Ethernet Switching, Ethernet Protocols, Performance and Quality of Service
  • Multi Service Equipment and Networks: Packet traffic over TDM
    • Pioneers of Ethernet over SDH solutions, involved in definition and design of Virtual Concatenation, LCAS and GFP.

Hardware Development

  • Analog and digital circuit design up to GHz domain
  • High speed digital transmission and controlled impedance design
  • Timing and synchronization functions
  • Optical and electrical interface design for 2 Mb/s up to 10 Gb/s
  • Optical interface design for Gigabit Ethernet
  • FPGA design enabling fast and flexible adaptation to various applications
  • Single board and embedded computer system designs based on Motorola PowerPC™ and IBM micro controllers
  • Large system backplanes with multi-layer mixed signal technology and complex stack-up
  • CAD/3D modeling
  • Packaging, electromagnetic and environmental design
  • Thermal and mechanical stress analysis
  • Compliance testing and certification
  • New Product Introduction

Software Development

  • Real Time embedded software with Telecom quality
  • Freescale PowerQUICC families,
  • Linux 2.4 and 2.6, OSE, pSOS, Chorus, POSIX threads, VxWorks,
  • Developed Portable Infrastructure Layer for easy porting to other OS
  • C, C++, Java, assembler, several scripting languages
  • Inter Processor Communication Solutions using Ethernet, USB and several proprietary media
  • TCP/IP and OSI stack experience, for example OSPF, ISIS, partition repair
  • Experienced on L2 Ethernet switching SW: GVRP, spanning tree, QoS
  • Hardware drivers for various ASICs and FPGAs
  • Pluggable Management Framework based on embedded SQL database
  • Experiende with CMISE, TL1, SNMP, embedded web server using HTML and XML/XSL, SSH and proprietary interfaces

System Verification Test

  • Systematic black box testing of all System Requirements
  • Test automation
  • Experienced on CMISE, web based management, SNMP, OSPF, Data, SDH, SONET


  • Timing and synchronization functions
  • Protection Switching Algorithms
  • Ethernet over SDH with Virtual Concatenation and LCAS plus GFP mapping and policing function
  • High and low order pointer processing, Framers for SONET/SDH
  • Framers for SONET/SDH: Scalable Byte Processors
  • OTN and FEC functions
  • AAL5, DSL bonding
  • Circuit Emulation Services (CES)
  • Timing over Packet